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About Us

What goes into creating a great company? We believe the answer is people, product and community. This is our story of how ULIVjava was born.


who we are

ULIVjava’s story began when Mary was standing in a coffee shop and ordering an afternoon iced coffee. The lady next to her was ordering a green tea and for the third time that week Mary found herself wishing she liked the nutritional green tea more. On the way home from the coffee shop Mary decided she was going to put green tea and every other fabulous and healthy herbal ingredient into her own morning coffee. She called her friend and clinical nutritionist Kathleen and asked her what she thought about the idea.

Kathleen being a Clinical Nutritionist and Mary being a Fitness Expert and celebrity Personal Trainer have worked together for 10 years inspiring people of every age to live long, healthy, vibrant lives. They have helped sick people get well and healthy minded people think and live even healthier more vibrant lives.

Mary has been Martha Stewart’s Personal Fitness Trainer for the last 10 years. So when the products were perfected she took the coffee to her. “I love everything the ULIVjava coffee stands for – health and vitality, really a superior healthy coffee”. She immediately became a fan.

Together, Kathleen and Mary have created superior ground coffees with the benefits of herbs and botanicals.


our mission

ULIVjava seeks to create and promote truly healthy, great-tasting, superior coffee products. We strive to grow our business with a strong commitment to our consumers and the environment by using state-of-the-art manufacturing, quality assurance and industry expertise to provide superior products. In working with Martha Stewart, ULIVjava’s standards will be in line with Martha Stewart Living products. While improving the health of individuals, ULIVjava’s goal is to inspire and nourish the community to live healthier and happier lives, one person, one coffee bean, at a time.



why we give

The founders of ULIVjava donate a percentage from each sale of ULIVjava ground coffee to Ohio State’s James Cancer Hospital and The Jimmy Fund, which raises money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. One in two men and one in three women will hear the words, “You have cancer”. We want to do our part to change that. We believe by investing in cancer research, we will eventually end it—plain and simple.

So, rather than just talk about it, we are doing something about it—as a company and as individuals. In 2004 Mary’s husband, Michael, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and required a stem cell transplant. He had the stem cell transplant in 2006 and made a full recovery. Our belief in Dana Farber instilled us to continue to support the research in finding a cure for Multiple Myeloma.

By choosing ULIVjava, you are not only helping yourself but helping others live longer, healthier lives too!

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